If you run a hosting service (paid OR free) using a CGI/PHP based panel, we can custom modify it in any way. But mostly do these "impossible" considered features:

> You can select in your Admin area which member gets SAFE_MODE off.

> You can select in your Admin area which member gets SENDMAIL enabled. This way free hosting providers can finally select which members (once then provide proof of ID or pay) get sendmail enabled.

Eg: http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/6...endmailpw7.gif

> Have MySQL database server seperate from users server and NOT require your users/members to enter an IP into the "host" field. Instead they can still leave localhost. And it will still call the other servers IP.

> Make MySQL usernames longer than 16 characters.

> Other fixes that you usually get a reply of "that's impossible".

Each one will be done for $100 (negotiable).

You can view one of our custom programmed panels at: http://www.layeredpanel.com

Contact me if you want to find out if your requested job can be done. Please provide your site also. And brief explanation of what you want.

Email me at: [email protected], and I'll definately get back to you within 15 hours.

Andre Vas