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    StartLogic does not pay its affiliates?

    Looks like they are going to delete old affiliate program from Jan-01-2007, along with all commissions that are earned and start new life?

    They owe me money from Jul-2006 and I still have received only a part. Here is what I wrote them and what was response (no response, full ignorance):

    Did someone else had the same issues with them?

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    Did you phone them or try to be in touch with them anyhow else?

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    I tried all available online methods of contact - e-mail (started in October, no response), trouble ticketing system, forum.

    I will try to phone them, but unfortunately my spoken English is not good enough to discuss business issues.

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    Looks like the problem is resolved now, so everything is OK.

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    they wont cancel it as I did know

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