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    Thumbs up Small VPS in NL/FR/GB/DE?

    Hello, I'm looking for a small VPS plan provider. I need at maximum of 1200MB disk space and at least 8GB bandwidth on at least 10MB/s internet connection. The provider must be located either in Netherlands, France, Great Britain or Germany. The VPS is to also have two or more IP addresses and be unmanaged with Linux. GCC and additional libraries must be present as I'll also do some compilation on the server. I prefer Debian or Ubuntu but don't mind having RPM-based distros as long as they are easy to use. I'm looking at price range up to 20 Euros (which is pretty much like webhosting + SSH ). I need to have SSH access, definately. Payments PayPal only.
    I'll be running two small software servers that use very little CPU 24/7. Payments made monthly or each three or two months.

    Thank You!

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    try a2b2 they provide vps's in the uk for a good price and have what you need but im not sure how fast there connection is but i have a fealing its faster than 10mb/s

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