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    Determine hosting company


    Is there a chance to figure out, which company hosts ""?

    Thank you very much

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    yes of course,
    IP Country: UKRAINE
    Hosting company: TLK-L.NET

    I used advanced whois

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    Dear sandrodz,

    Thank you very much. This does not work very well. Unter "Hosting Company Name" it displays just the nameserver information.

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    well, that's because in essence, that company doesn't exist... its hard to find anything about ghost ships like that... doesn't resolve at all

    but check this:

    Alexander Ryumshin
    KM ave, 59
    Dnepropetrovsk 49000

    Registered through:, Inc. (
    Domain Name: TLK-L.NET
    Created on: 30-Jan-01
    Expires on: 30-Jan-07
    Last Updated on: 04-Feb-06

    Administrative Contact:
    Ryumshin, Alexander [email protected]
    KM ave, 59
    Dnepropetrovsk 49000
    +380 562 340044

    Technical Contact:
    Ryumshin, Alexander [email protected]
    KM ave, 59
    Dnepropetrovsk 49000
    +380 562 340044

    and why do u need this info?

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    He might be a copyright owner and wants his work removed from the site . Looks exactly what allofmp3 is.


    He might just want to contact the russian host and ask if he can do the same.

    After all I think he just wants to know what providers or if a host ...hosts that domain like the files being distributed. $2.00 per album? yeah right.

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    Or you can do a traceroute. Lots of info there
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    You could also do an IP WHOIS on the IP address the address the URL resolves to. In this case:

    At least that will show you who owns the IP range the site is hosted on, a way to find the data center if nothing less. Together with the other info in this thread, that should help you find out a bit more.

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