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Thread: Frontpage Crap

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    Frontpage Crap

    I'm running into a Frontpage problem and was wondering if any of you can help me out.

    I changed host and as a result, now my Frontpage cannot upload files correctly. With my previous host, using FTP, my initial directory was just the root. With my new host, it's now "/public_html/". Frontpage seems to have a problem with this change or something. Now whenever I publish my site I get the following message:

    The server sent a response which FrontPage could not
    parse. If you are trying to connect to a FrontPage
    server, check with the server's administrator to make
    sure the FrontPage server extensions are installed

    I tried to log in using another computer and it works fine there. How do I fix this problem? Server is running Cpanel btw.

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    Try re-installing fp on the account. If it doesnt work install it again. I have had quite a few issues when moving a client with fp extensions.. its a pain in the buttox. Also, are you trying to upload using FTP? If so that could mess up the permissions that fp has set. Use one or the other, not both.

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    I am able to log in without problems on another machine, so I'm sure FP is working fine on the server. Someone had recommended that this be done:

    Delete the current link in File Menu | Publish Web, and then re-enter it in File
    Menu | Publish Web.

    Would this solve the problem?

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