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    Santa Claus Conquers the Martians: Worst movie in World History

    Watch it here >

    Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964) is considered to be one of the worst movies ever made. It is so bad, that it is actually fun to watch. The filmmakers were probably too embarrassed to renew the copyright, so itís now in the public domain.

    The story shows how Santa Claus is kidnapped by Martians to cheer up the Martian children. The rumor is that the movie was shot in abandoned aircraft hangars in New Jersey. It is clear that the movie had an extremely low budget, it even has spelling errors in the opening credits (custume designer).

    The movie is currently ranked 80 in the list of worst movies ever made. A remake of this classic has been announced, but it will certainly never beat the original.

    Some funny mess-ups to watch for during the movie:

    6 mins - Why is the snow on that guy not melting?
    13 mins - Septober? A goofy sort of hybrid month?
    20 mins - Paper towel tubes used as part of a radar array (these guys were so broke).
    34 mins - Oh no! Itís some guy dressed in a polar bear suit!
    50 mins - Theyíre going to escape the airlock via a duct?
    57 mins - If it werenít for some big guy who laughs insanely, Iíd runÖ
    66 mins - Canít these morons tell the difference between Santa and Dropo in a red suit?

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    Can it possibly be worse than Gigli, the movie that had to be rebranded for it to be even considered by a mexican audience?

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    I've seen worse.

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    I won't waste time seeing it. What I can tell is: I think some movies are bad on purpose so that they become famous. There is no such thing as bad publicity, some say...
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    Santa teaches the Martians the true meaning of Christmas. What could be better than that?

    Awesome movie! I give it 10/10!

    Of course, the version I watched was the MSTK3

    BTW, copyrights remain in effect for 75 years after first issuance. This is not public domain, though I'm sure no one's complaining at the studios

    Edit: I was wrong. It's 70 years, but only for works created after 1978. It looks like this IS public domain after all!
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    Nothing's worse than the Attack of the Killer Clowns
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    Worst has got to be Plan 9 from outer space. But this one is in the top of the bad movies list.
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    I wonder if they used midgets or toddlers to play the elfs.

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    No way, that was a great movie!

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    Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam is the worst movie ever by far.

    It is not known very well, and not listed on the top of the worst list, because it is in Turkish language. And translating it into another language won't make same effect.
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    Some like it and some donot/

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    Sa...Santa is smoking

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