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    1 month review with iFast

    Hello, here I am a month later of deciding to go with iFast Hosting giving you a review. I had found iFast here in the advertise section for VPS's and signed up after looking at the website and plans for awhile. The promotion was free DirectAdmin, I had been coming from cPanel but thought hmm it's free why not give it a try? So, I researched around DirectAdmin forums to make sure it was possible to convert accounts from cPanel to DirectAdmin and gladly it was. So I signed up with iFastHost and about 2 hours later I had received my Welcome E-mail! With excitement I logged into DirectAdmin and changed the skin and thought it was amazing, and was a big difference from what I had gone from. So, that day I got started trying to convert my accounts and even had a friend try as well, they would backup perfectly but then when they were converted to DirectAdmin a 70 mb file would be like 33 kb. So I contacted iFast and even though I was unmanaged he still took quick action and directed it to the techs and said he would give me further notice. So this basically took like 2 or 3 days after submitting a ticket, and then they got 1 account over but it seemed to take longer than both of us Ron, and I had thought. So, I asked Ron if he would be able to change my control panel to Cpanel. He gladly said yes, and just put me on a new VPS and installed Cpanel, I had then got my new welcome E-mail around 45 minutes later. I transferred my accounts that night, no converting,etc. simple as WHM has the transfer feature which DirectAdmin needs. So really this is a 3 week review using my hosting but a 1 month review with the company itself. Ron is a good guy and tries to help as much as possible. I have had around 1-3 downtimes, but I think it's something on my end as the node has been up both times. One of these downtimes was today, I hadn't accessed my server in a day or so and I go to it to check something and it had been unaccessible. iFast is a decent company, it could be better in some aspects meaning I should be able to leave my site alone for a day and be able to go to it another day and it be up but again that was probably something wrong with a service installed or something not sure, I will check logs next time it happens but I will be sticking here for awhile =] Keep it up iFast and Ron
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