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    Very Interesting Partnership Wanted With MySpace Resource Sites - Please Read!!!


    I currently own a free text messaging service, and would like to offer everyone who owns a MySpace site (a site that provides codes for layouts, backgrounds, icons, smilies, etc) a special partnership. This plan of mine is designed to provide traffic for BOTH my site and your MySpace site. Since both of our sites have different topics (mine texting, yours MySpace codes), the advertising we will give each other won't clash. Here's the basic idea:

    YOU provide my texting code on YOUR website. The texting codes enable people to send free text messages from their myspaces, or other websites.

    Now, what do YOU get out of it? Take a look at what one of the codes looks like currently:

    You can also have the option of a personal tool (this one is a bit more popular):

    As you can see, there is a banner advertisement, as well as a text advertisement, that goes along with the tool. You will be able to put your OWN advertising with the tool. Put your own banner, links, text, etc as your own advertising.

    How does this give us both traffic? First of all, this code will provide users a reason to put your advertising on their sites. If you were to just ask people to put your banner on their site, they wouldn't do it, right? Secondly, if people say "I want this tool, where do I get it?" they'll see your ad that says "Get your myspace codes here" (as an example). That's how you get the traffic. I get the traffic when people try to send the messages.

    If you have any questions, please PM me, reply here, or contact me via AIM (sn: MeAmRussian) or MSN (passport[at] I will provide you with all the necessary code. Setup is quick and easy, and the traffic is sure to work wonders for the both of us!


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    Talked to you on aim, very pleasure to work with. :-D Seems like a promising partnership.

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    I may be interested in this. One question, we both get traffic but how do you make any return on your investment? You still have to pay for any txt message that is sent through your service.

    I dont quiet understand your business model.
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    No sir, I do not have to pay for text messages sent through my service, so everything works out great. Do you need help installing anything, or can you just get the code from the site? Public tool:

    Just take out the banner and text and add your own.

    Thanks--let me know if you have any more questions.

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