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    Making your own Web Host?

    I've glanced through many articles on how to be your own web host. I was thinking, rather than paying I could just create my own. I have extra computers that are more than enough to handle. The only problem is connection. What kind of modem speeds would I need? How fast does ASO web hosting company go?

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    you overlooked other basics. here is what a good host would include:
    1) battery back up (in case power goes out)
    2) Redundant connections to the internet. (in case one goes down)
    3) data back up.... at least for DR.
    4) support.
    5) the connection speed depends on how many sites you have hosted and their traffic.
    6) firewall and protection.
    7) air controlled environment and security.
    most hosts host their servers at data centers for such issues listed above and more.
    I hope this helps.
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    Check your terms of service with the ISP that provides your data connection to the internet to ensure that operating/hosting a server on their network is not a violation which could result in the termination fo your account.

    Additionally... why bother when hosting accounts cost less than one Starbucks latte per month! Surely you can afford that!

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    The connections you would need would cost a fortune! You can create your own server for fun, but for real business, it won't work...
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    Starting you own DC is not cost effective. I would encourage you to look into a reseller program instead, and when you are successful at that you can look at opening your own DC. Start small and smart, then you can upgrade and evolve from that.
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    I would concur with LiquidWebPatrick. After you paid for all of the important parts that a web host needs, you would be paying a lot more to offer a hosting service when you could find a reseller service to start with and then expand as necessary.

    Reseller services are anywhere from $0.00(with restrictions) and up depending on your initial needs of space and bandwidth.

    Good luck and Happy Holidays!

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    What kind of websites are you looking to host on this, are you looking just to host your own sites (if so how important) or start an actual web hosting company?

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    I would recommand you setup the server and have it colocated at a datacenter... Thats really the best solution if you want to have the control over your server...
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    akasixcon: When you can find good quality hosting in a data center enviroment for less than $4.00 a month, the headaces of running a web server out of your house over a broadband modem far out weigh the price.

    I would suggest you check out a good shared hosting plan if it is a small site.
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