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I am Rajesh Mahadevan, We represent Indian Network Information Centre - we are located in Bombay, India and have over several dedicated servers with them.

We are using bocacom for the past over 1 year.

Recently BOCACOM has announced the launch of its new datacenter 1Vaultnetworks located at Fort Lauderdale.

In future we were looking to host our dedicated servers in the new datacenter.

We already know Jim Thomas and Robin Thomas co-owners of bocacom and 1vaultnetworks as the among the most sincere and dedicated people in the web hosting industry.

But we had a duty towards our clients to make sure that the datacenter is upto the mark. Normally we speak to our associates in the web hosting community and get the details.

However this time we had an excellent opportunity -- since one of very old clients for over 3 years was situated just around 7.5 miles from the datacenter. Our client Myke Briskman of advanced web design studios had earlier refused to get hosted at any datacenter located at florida due its frequent natural calamities

However after his vist to 1vaultnetworks he was happy to have his websites moved to the Bocacom's 1vaultnetwork datacenter. Here is his first hand report as sent to us.



I visited the site today, and in addition to the salesman who gave me the tour, the Founder/CEO accompanied us, who i met with when I visited their site in Boca Raton. He is a very nice man and seems to know his business very well.

I was very impressed with their site in Ft. Lauderdale and was able to see all of it. The new building they have purchased is one of only a few cat. 5 rated structures - ie it can withstand a category 5 hurricane. The building is essentially disaster proof and independent of local services should the need arise. This was not the case with their Boca facility, which their generators and bandwidth was shared with other companies, this facility is completely independent. I am not very familiar with a lot of the technology that is currently used, however I was very impressed with what I saw. I saw that they had 3 sources of bandwidth (ntt/verio level3 and qwest), they have dual sonet rings feeding into redundant Cisco GSR 12000 routers which provide edge connectivity. These feed into redundant Force10 E600 routers which provide their core services.

What really impressed me though was the attention they paid to their power supply, learning from the 2 days of downtime they had last year, after this area was hit with a major hurricane. They had a room the size of my house filled with UPS batteries, in which they said only one of the 3 banks was needed to run the facility, the other 2 were back-up. They also had 3 huge generators which don't run diesel fuel (they use Jet-A ) because of the need for fuel when there actually is a disaster. Even the air conditioning was fortified and being re-built.

In summation I would give them a glowing recommendation.

Myke Briskman
Advanced Webdesign Studios


all comments from our friends in the webhosting community are welcome.

Rajesh Mahadevan
Indian Network Information Centre