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    In your opinon is 4 crons every minute to much for a shared account? And what is quickest you would accept?

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    Is it loading your server? If so then maybe it is to much. If it is not loading the server then I do not think it would be to much.
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    depends on what each cron is doing... sending out a couple of mails should'nt do much harm...

    reffering to :

    (somehow the # "4" stands out... ;-) )

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    It depends on the server, number of users per machine, etc, as pretty much other usage. For some it's ok, for others is not. It's difficult to give an exact reply. Only experience can tell...
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    You can use 10 crons for a shared account, provided it shouldn't affect the server performance. Yes, it all depends on what each cron is doing.

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    well 4 crons every minute updating 500 text based game users..= I think a bit to isn't overloading the server, but it is slowing it down during peak hours. and about the mail wasn't a couple of mails..what happend is it was like 1 mail every second..60 mails per minute..and it got into a queue..

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