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    For Sale: Established Hosting Company


    Domain included. Google Search gives 1,560 results for this domain name. PM for to receive Domain URL

    Recurring Income Summary:

    PayPal Breakdown
    Monthly $59.94
    Quarterly $46.92
    Semi-Annual $54.50
    Annual $311.77
    PayPal All Cycles: $1327.73

    2Checkout Breakdown
    Monthly $23.92
    Quarterly $59.97
    Semi-Annual $108.00
    Annual $184.32
    2Checkout All Cycles: $927.24

    Estimated annual income: $2254.97

    Find My Hosting Special
    Disk Space: 10 MB
    Bandwidth: 1000 MB
    Price: $5.88 / year
    Number of Client on this plan: 21

    50 MB Disk Space
    10 GB Bandwidth
    2 E-mail Accounts
    Price: $2.99/month
    Number of Clients on this plan: 20

    2,000 MB Disk Space
    100 GB Bandwidth
    Unlimited E-mail Accounts
    Unlimited MySQL Databases
    Price: $19.99/month
    Clients: 2 (one pays an additional $15 for 50 GB Extra bandwidth)

    1000 MB Disk Space
    15 GB Bandwidth
    Unlimited domains
    $15.99 monthly
    Clients on this plan: 1


    - All current website content including template, graphics, text, etc. (PM for Domain)
    - All clients and clients’ files
    - WHMAutoPilot License (may upgrade to V3 for free) – Value: $149
    - PerlDesk Support License – Value $99.95
    - Domain (Registered back in 2004)
    - FindMyHosting Account (Currently they don’t accept new applicant)
    - Payment Gateway Accounts. We will handle this in however way you want. You will save $50 by not opening a new account.
    - SSL Certificate

    - Server with EV1. Since this was signed up with their first data center, it is significantly cheaper than their current prices. If you choose this option, transfer will be very smooth.

    SERVER SPEC: P4 - 1.7Ghz - cPanel – 140 GBHD – 1 GB RAM
    COST: $115 / month

    - We currently have a reseller account with DirectI. Most clients are registered with us. We can transfer all domains to you before 30 days they expire.

    - We have a toll-free number with It accept voicemessages/faxes. This is at a discounted rate and already provided to existing customers. Owenership of toll-free number may also be transferred for free.

    Note: All information provided in this post is accurate information as of now. We cannot make any prediction on how many customers will cancel their account from now until the transfer is fully completed. We have not had any account cancellations in the last 2 months. It is your responsibility to ensure that transfer is painless for customers and we will assist you in anyway possible.

    Please post your desired bid. Will be sold to the highest offer by December 31, 2006. Serious bids only please. for any questions or concerns, please PM me.
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    What sort of estimate are you looking for?

    Do your clients know that your company is being sold?

    Are you willing to send a NDA and a Non Competative Argreement for the next 12months?

    I've also PM'd you for the domain

    Many Thanks

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    I sent you a PM. I am interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMWebHosting
    What sort of estimate are you looking for?
    The more, the better obviously. however, this an auction type, therefore, whoever bids the highest, gets it. Lets start the bid from $100. Please post bids in this thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by CMWebHosting
    Do your clients know that your company is being sold?
    None of the customers are aware except for one reseller. He is willing to stay if you offer the same set of features.

    Quote Originally Posted by CMWebHosting
    Are you willing to send a NDA and a Non Competative Argreement for the next 12months?
    Yes, we will sign any documents to ensure this business will work for you.
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    There are 3 kinds of people. People who can count and people who can't.

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    i will start off at $100 iHost v3 in beta Host Automation - iPanel v4 beta With Forced Ads in User Sites, illegal file scanner, and new post 4 hosting feature
    www.domainuptime.comSite monitoring

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    I'll bid $400 - Hosting websites since 1999!
    Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Servers
    End-User Support, WHMCS, and WHMReseller Available on Reseller Plans!
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    I hope it all goes well for you. The specs of the company look great!

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    For the clients, website, domains etc as listed, Othello Technology Systems Ltd are prepared to offer you $850, 50% on agreement, 50% after successsful handover of all passwords etc.

    We would (at least temporarily) take over the EV1 server to save disruptingthe clients, and leave everyone on their existing plans/pricing schedules, witha view to moving them/integrating with our existing systems over time.
    Rob Golding Astutium Ltd - UK based ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar - proud to accept BitCoins
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    Some questions that were asked multiple times in PMs, i will address them here

    When is the next server payment due?
    Jan. 12, 2007

    What is the server transfer fee?
    i dont believe there is one. You can take over our EV1 account and update billing information.

    How many support tickets do you get on average per month?
    About 4-7 tickets per month.

    How is the payment handled?
    We will use escrow service ( to ensure a smooth transaction for both parties.
    There are 3 kinds of people. People who can count and people who can't.

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    OK, I will bid $600 here!

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    PM me. I will $1200
    Best web hosting provider -

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    Some members could not use, and some had other difficulties.

    We have placed the auction on, if interested, please visit the link below to place your bid.
    There are 3 kinds of people. People who can count and people who can't.

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    Looks interesting; What is your profit margin? And have you made a profit in comparison to the start up costs? I'm trying to figure out the ROI.

    [B]KYLE ARNETT | New York City, N.Y.

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