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    Exclamation Profitable host for sale

    Hello folks,

    Up for sale is a reputable and profitable UK based business that has (leased) servers within top datacenters in the UK and US.

    Two of us run the business together and there are 5 staff providing true 24/7 support. The staff are part of the sell off if you need them. The business has an excellent reputation, and has been trading for over 3 years.

    A few facts and figures (just finishing putting together the plan breakdowns which will be available shortly for anyone interested):

    76 US Resellers
    80 UK Resellers
    6 Server management
    4 Dedicated server customers

    Hosting income:

    £UK Payments
    Gross monthly £2817.13 (after server costs: £1349.56)
    Gross annually £33805.56( --------"--------: £16194.72)

    $US Payments
    Gross monthly $2696.42 (after server costs: $1657.43)
    Gross annually $32357.04(-------------"--- : $19889.16)

    Gross monthly: $8227.15
    Gross annually: $98725.81

    After servers paid for monthly: $4306.95
    After servers paid for annually: $51683.44

    Staff costs (if they are not needed, ignore these costs!):
    Monthly: $2000
    Annually: $24000

    Apologies for the $ currency, as this advert will be up on a few of the popular webhosting forums most people want to see the $!

    The sale is for all domains associated with the business, the name, all servers (monthly leases from the respective datacentres), all clients, all server management contracts and so forth - its the whole shebang!

    If you are interested or would like to place an offer, please send and email to reputablehost (@) (created for the sale of this business) and we will send you an NDA form if you require further information, or will disclose the company name etc. Please do not post questions to this thread as it may not be monitored.

    Thanks very much for your time!

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    Sent you an email.
    OSHS Ltd
    OSHS Services - DNS Clusters | R1Soft Licenses | Remote Backup Storage | R1Soft CDP Storage | Cheap Dedicated Servers - Enterprise UK Server Colo & Rack Space at Lowest Prices

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    I would like to learn more as well. Please contact Us.



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    What sort of amount are you looking for? Owner: Providing Security, Administration and Optimization since 2001

    Now Offering Windows Serivces.

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    I am currently looking for an established hosting businesss like urs.
    PM me instantly with your amount willing to sell this
    Best web hosting provider -

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