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    [FREE Web Directory] - FREE PR4 Text Links

    Hello all,

    1StopDir is a fast growing web directory. Free free to submit your website for FREE! That's right, a PR4 text link - for nothing. If you wish to give us a reciprocal link then that is very much appreciated, however it is completely optional.

    For those of you looking for maximum exposure, you may be interested in a featured link in our web directory. Remember that we are growing rapidly, therefore the prices of our text links will inevitable rise - get in as soon as possible for the cheapest possible prices.

    What are the benefits of a featured link?
    - Your link stands out from the rest - highlighted in bold.
    - Your link is the first to be seen in each category.
    - Your link remains in the directory forever.
    - How much? Just $5 - one time payment.

    Even if you don't fancy a featured link please submit your website(s) for FREE into the directory. It is greatly appreciated if you contribute towards the growth of 1StopDir.

    Looking for even more exposure? If so, you can purchase a text link to be displayed on every page of the site. Details can be found here.

    Thank you,
    HostedFX Web Hosting
    Serving the Web Since 2005.

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    Brilliant ! I added my file host site

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    Thanks a lot

    All links that were submitted as of this post have been approved
    HostedFX Web Hosting
    Serving the Web Since 2005.

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