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    a free Cms with paid subscribtion feature?

    Hello there

    After a member of this forum suggested me, i thought to ask once again in a different way about one of my need.

    Is there any free CMS that has these features:

    - integrated paid subscription ( i would like to use Paypal)
    - has a downloading section where only the members that paid can enter

    I have seen a couple of CMS but they all had to do this through addons and you had to pay for that.

    The purpose of this site is to allow all the members that paid to download files from different topics.


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    i never actually installed this but i stumbled on it one day when looking for new and exciting scripts.

    I believe it does what your asking
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    Thnx for that site.Very interesting and simple. But the site that I am building should be based on annual subscription which would allow the paid member to download everything from the site.

    The cms that you showed me was based on payment for article. I will not be selling items, i will be selling one time per year access in the site.

    I am still waiting for ideas guys...

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    The benefit of having a "free" CMS is that you can do what you want with it. Learn to code and then do things like this easily enough.

    You won't find too many "free" cms' that do this, in fact I don't know of any. Find a CMS, look at the code, and modify it to do what you want it to do, it's usually not that hard to do.
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    Perhaps a mod for nuke? Nukes got loads of mods.

    If not, write one

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    Hej guys, if I could code then I would have already done. But I can't and that is why i am asking the advice of experts.

    The closest CMS that fits to my options is Joomla but the subscriptions addons are with payment and I think it is not wise to pay for something that u can't understand and try before.

    As I said it is going to be a download site with a one fee payment option during registration. The registered users that made this payment can access and download all the files on the server.

    Any other ideas guys or there is no hope for me...

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    If your going to make people pay to download stuff, couldnt you splash out on a CMS with a ready made subscirption feature?

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    @ L-A-N

    Please be more detailed as English is not my best. I am very interested to understand your idea... what do you have in mind?

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    If people are going to pay to download files e.g. give you money.

    Couldnt you pay for a CMS? There must be a few CMS' which cater for paid subscriptions. And if i had to pay to download something and the site used a free cms i would think twice.

    A paid CMS would be better as people can see that you are serious about what you are doing and your not someone who is trying to rip them off.

    Hope that helps/

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    I am willing to pay if I find such CMS. Do you have any in mind?

    I have been searching all over google and the only solution is adapting modules . that is what i have found so far...

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    what exactly this cms do?
    (More than 800 readymade scripts)

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    Checkout Joomla it has membership plugins that use Paypal or you can integrate it with aMember (which is commercial though, ~$150 a license).
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