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    Arrow Any one done SEO yet?

    I was wondering if anybody have done SEO in hosting because i know it's really tough to get any search results from this subject. Personally i think all the "big dog" company out there pretty much got all the organic searches and also adsense and such.

    Well i'm trying to figure it out before i start a web hosting company. Love to hear some opinions

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    The hosting market is saturated and there are too many people in the market for top search engine placings. Unless you have a very big marketing budget it's not a good market to be in.

    However I believe there is always room for specialisation and niche markets, even in hosting. So by aiming for something a bit different to standard hosting it is still possible to get a foothold.

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    I agree with bluedreamer, I'm a member of this forum since 2001 and have read and tried to start up my own hosting business without much success since there are so many of them around the net.

    Competition are always good IMO as they drive me to do better and better. Like what bluedremer said find your niche, since i love designing i decided to start up my own graphic/web design business that also offer web hosting though i'm not a millionare yet, but i manage to make ends meet.

    Anyway i was talking to one of my clients the other day chatting away about business and he said there are so many of the same business now days and everyone is fighting for clients back a decade ago there were hardly any.

    Find your niche and find your point of difference.

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    work on hosting seo is very tough job next to poker.once you reach your business won't trun back

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    Don't give up. There are always ways. My advice is:

    - create good content
    - participate in forums

    and you'll see that visitors will come. Trust me
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    SEO takes time and work. Like any business there is always the chance of success in Hosting, but don't rely on Search Engine rankings. You need to take time and give that time before you can expect much traffic from there.

    My recommendation (if you aren't going to hire a professional) would be to research SEO and start optimizations. Then all you can do is wait.

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    yeah i guess that's true... web hosting is pretty saturated.

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