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    Dedicated server for proxies?

    I'm thinking of starting a network of proxy sites up, I am looking for a good amount of bandwidth and diskspace and ram on a dedicated server, does anyone know a good place to purchase, so far I have looked at

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    Angel Networkz ( has some specials going on right now. Many folks seem to shy away from them, but I know Donna, who runs the company, and I know she wouldn't scam you. They may be worth a look. You might also wish to check the Offers section here, too.
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    I have seen a lot of proxy sites being run off servermatrix and theplanet, you might want to check them out as well.

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    Why dont you try posting your requirements and budget in the forum,there are many companies which host proxy websites. Well, then you can assume what suites you the best and the most important is the customer support that should be 24/7 customer support and uptime guarantee when you sign up for any hosting company.

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