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    Custom Built Server


    Im about to build a second server which will be more powerful than my current server.

    Although i need bit advice with regards to types of componants, il write a list below and if you could answer with your preffered type

    ATX vs mATX

    Opteron vs Xeon

    4u vs tower (i know the main reasons but cost wise whats better)

    SATA vs SCSI

    Raid 1 vs None Raid (performance reasons. (i dont mean Raid0)

    My main focus is on the processors as im debating which one.
    Any help would be great.

    (Server use VPS x 2 accounts only)

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    As far as cpu's and mb's go you have to think about the future. will you be wanting multiple cpu's later? can you afford multi now? are multiple cpu's a must?

    I like the Opterons myself but omv.

    I've found colo companies tend to charge a bit more for tower cases than normal rack cases so it's your choice. I tend to rack cases due to airflow design.

    SATA is my choice now days and raid is something that one should always consider if it's a business server.

    anyway, good luck

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