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Thread: EPP code?

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    EPP code?


    I have initiated a domain transfer to namecheap. they have sent me an email asking me to enter the EPP code. this code is given by the current registrar.

    For the EPP code, do i have to ask the current registrar or will they send it to em automatically?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Following the email instructions to submit your EPP key to NameCheap for transfer.
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    Who is the current registrar?
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    My current registrar is dotregistrar.

    My question was like... will the current registrar send the EPP code themselves or do I have to contact them for the EPP code?

    Thanks & Cheers

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    You generally have to request the EPP from the current registrar. This used to be just on .info's and maybe some others, but appears to have been implemented on all or nearly all TLDs.

    As I understand it, it is essentially one more protective step to keep from having your domain get transferred without your consent.
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    If dotregistrar do not show you the Auth/EPP Code for your domain in their control panel, then yes, you will need to contact them for the Auth/EPP Code.
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    Quote Originally Posted by i-devs
    This used to be just on .info's and maybe some others, but appears to have been implemented on all or nearly all TLDs.
    For now com/net/org/info/biz/us. Other extensions will or won't require it.

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    I actually registered through a local reseller in my city so i do not have the control panel access.

    I have submitted a ticket to dotregistrar requesting for EPP code almost 14 hours back, but i still have not received any help from them.

    Generally, how long do they take to reply back. Any idea?

    Thank you for the replies and the information.

    Thanks and Cheers

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    I'm not familiar with dotregistrar, sorry.
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    Any help for me? I am yet to receive any help from dotregistrar.

    Anyone has any experience with dotregistrar?

    Thanks much in advance.

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