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    eNom - how do I get in touch? lost my domain!

    I have registered in 2005 a domain through Bliksemhosting who have been hosting my site since July 2005. As you may have heard Bliksemhosting is dead (see the relevant thread in Reseller Hosting Forum).
    My data was backed up so I didn't loose anything. Except for my domain that is.
    Bliksemhosting did give me a username/password for eNom. When I am trying now to login to ENOM with my username and password I get the message "Invalid UserID or Password".
    When I try to have my password sent to my email, I enter the user ID, then I get a question about the city I was born and then I get the message "Account does not match the site or is not in good standing." Although I do not remeber creating the account myself the city of birth question is not the problem since when I give wrong answer I get a message saying the answer is wrong.
    I have emailed ENOM about my problem (at on 13,14 & 19 Dec 2006 and I have got ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSE from ENOM.
    I even tried to call their support number (although I live in Athens Greece). When after 11 minutes of waitng on a international call I got dumped in a voice mailbox I really came very close to loosing my good manners. But I didn't. I did left a message explaining the situation to which I still have received no answer.
    The least I can say about eNom is that their policy is unacceptable. To me they are no better than bliksemhosting.
    So, do anyone have any idea on what I could do to take back control of my domain name?

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    I believe you are logging in via

    If so, you do not have a real account with eNom. It is just a management panel. You have to wait for eNom to response to your email, they takes quite a while to response to email.

    Even they contact you, you need to have proof(supporting document) that the domain name belongs to you. Is the registrant contact belongs to you?
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    tanfwc, thank you for your reply. I was trying to login to enom through their first page Domans>My domain. Neither this or the page you mention works.

    How long does it take to eNom to respond?
    It is now 9 days since my first mail!!!

    The proof that I have is that I am the person that was listed as the domain owner before the whois protection. I have the same e-mail, address, phone, credit card etc. But I did register and renewd the domain through Bliksemhosting. Maybe they have locked it because of the Bliksem fraud?

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    If the domain is locked, then won't be any good because the control panel there doesn't allow you to unlock the domain.
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    I feel for you, I really do.
    I live in the UK and have two outstanding support calls still unresolved with Enom. Despite the fact that I can login to my reseller panel and log calls via the helpdesk system (something that you cannot do, I realise), their response to tickets is still abysmal. Emailing the [email protected] address is I undertand, even more futile.
    I had to call Enom four days in a row and stay on hold for up to 30 minutes. Many times the phone system dumped my call or diverted me to voice mail. When I got through I did get an update to one of my calls but still no resolution. I get cheap calls to the US so the cost is no more than a local UK call - if I had been charged international rates I would now have racked up a huge phone bill as well.
    In short, I don't believe there is any easy way to sort your problem out and I agree the situation is unacceptable. You are not alone, if that is any comfort, there are lots of us out there at the moment suffering terrible service from Enom.
    What we can do about it? I really don't know.
    Directi / Reseller Club are rolling more domain name extensions in the New Year, maybe they warrant another look?
    Sorry I don't have any answers but you have my sincere commiserations.

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    From the enom help center:

    EXPECT UNUSUAL DELAYS - please do not enter duplicate cases

    We have an unusually high volume of calls and cases which has our support center extremely backed up. Please expect three to seven days delay in getting back to you while we work through these issues as quickly as possible.

    We do attempt to find time-critical cases ahead of others, such as deletes and API additions; however, we cannot guarantee unwanted domains will be deleted during the grace period. If you have FRAUDULENT domain registrations to report for deletion, please send your login and domain directly to: [email protected] to help expedite this process. Remember, this is for fraud only.

    Our staff have put in extra hours daily, as well as working over weekends to try and get caught up. We have hired new support staff to start at the end of this month, and several more in January. While we expect great improvement, it does take a bit of time to get people up to speed. We ask for your continued patience.

    Please do not enter multiple cases for the same request, as this just adds to the volume and duplicate efforts of our staff. If you need to ADD questions or comments to an OPEN case, please go to MY HISTORY (instead of Request Help to open a new one). Once you are in the MY HISTORY page, you can click on the date link of the case you wish to update.

    Likewise, as many of you have called to ask questions on outstanding cases, our telephone hold time is extremely long as well. We will do all we can to return voicemails as quickly as possible. If your issue has been resolved over the phone, we ask you to please log into your case and mark the case CLOSED to avoid more time spent on resolved issues.

    We truly understand this is frustrating and affects your daily operations. We feel that with the addition of our new staff, we will be able to get back to our prompt case responses and quick help over the phones in the very near future.
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    Yup, support from Enom is way slow right now.

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    expect hold times of 30-40 minutes and ticket response times of 4-7 days on average.

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    I got a first response from them yesterday!!!
    (13 December to 30 December = 17 days... wow that's something!)
    I suppose that I am not overly optimistic if I say that I hope my issue might be resolved within the next month, eh?

    By the way, if you didn't happen to hear about it, Bliksemhosting is out of business ("As your reseller is no longer in business" as stated in eNom's mail).

    Happy new year to everybody!

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    17 days? horrible, what a disgrace

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