Just to make sure we keep Patrick busy during the holidays I have decided to throw a huge special on Internap-only bandwidth. This product is an additional product that we offer from time to time to help balance commitments with Internap and other carriers.

About the facility:

28,000 sf private datacenter space

UPS power to every cabinet

Generator backup

Raised Floor

Liebert AC

Multiple Cisco 6509s with on-site spares

24/7 on-site tech support from real techs

15 minute reboot guarantee

About the network(s):

Most on WHT are familiar with our premium BGP product. This network utilizes Level3 and Internap BGP with the Internap FCP 5200. We have signed with ATT for an additional GigE that will turn up in mid-January.

We also run a separate network with 2 Cogent GigEs. This network has its own AS number. Many customers utilize this for a secondary feed to the cabinet. We have ordered an additional GigE to this network to be able to offer a Level3/Cogent BGP product for those that dont need the performance of the premium network, but would like some redundancy.

From time to time we will offer specials on a single network. This time it is Internap.

The WHT "Keep Patrick in Busy" offer:

Full Cabinet + 20 Mbps Internap
20 amps power
24/7 tech support
12 month term
$1250 monthly, $299

Upgrades available at $35/Mbps to 30, 50 and 100Mbps
Burst above commit: $45/Mbps

Dont need a Full Cabinet? Deduct $200 to go to a 1/2 with 15 amps or $300 to go to a 1/4 with 15 amps.

Dont need 20 Mbps?

Full Cabinet + 10 Mbps Internap
20 amps power
24/7 tech support
12 month term
$999 monthly, $299

I am going to be out of the office through the 26th. This offer will last until January 2, 2007 or until we run out of cabinets. Since we just got in 100 more I dont see that happening.