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    Smile Hello to all


    We are new here and wanted to just say hello to all and let you know a little about us.

    We are a small (4 person) company based in Germany that has a long history in Unix/Linux/BSD/Windows/Novell, Design and programming. We do a lot of remote work and hope to be able to offer help to a few folks here and get a bit of help from here when needed.

    My name is Chuck and I was born in America and now live in Germany. My Partner is André and is German. Which gives us a unique situation in our business.

    Well, I guess that about covers it for now. Sorry if you found this topic boring. However, i find it rude to just lurk a board and to not at least let others know that you're there.

    Have fun and good luck to all,
    chuck and Andrč

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    Hi all im dusty

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    hello everybody,
    I am new friend on this page I dont know the way to talk and use this page. I hope I can know some days later

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    hello all, i am a newbie, i find this forum is brilliant as i can find lots of information from here.

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    hey whats going on

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    today will be happy with everybody on the world because this is night Christmas. On my country the festival for new year not is the Christmas. It is Tet in Vietnam, China,Thailand.....
    So we only small festival on my country.
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