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    How to get rid a website from search engine index?


    Anyone knows?

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    Do you mean from a specific search engine and then keep it that way or from all search engines and then keep it that way? Or temporarily remove one or a couple of pages? Be more specific.

    Take a look at this page, its links provide an outline that works for most search engines:

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    You mean one of your sites, or from another person?
    If it's from you, just disallow any bots in robots.txt

    User-agent: *

    With that in your robots.txt no honest crawler will check and index your website.
    For all the others, you can just put the site inside a protected area.
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    I mean I have 10 domain names that's not even hosted anymore. Somehow search engine yahoo don't get rid of it from the index.

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    They will eventually fall off. The result don't suddenly disappear when the site is gone.

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    I have run into the same problem.... I had pages changed due to redesign so the old URLs were giving 404 errors.... it took more than 6 months to clear out.
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