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    Transfer gone wrong

    10 days ago I went to transfer my website to Ipower and got a email with the wrong user name and password. Not the one I picked. I was able to login a host access which I cant do anything in it. I need to login the domain access or OpenSRS domain control panel so I can proceed with the transfer or my domain. I called them up letting them know about this but they said I did not transfer my domain. I told them that I spent $6.50 for a transfer of domain. Then they found it later on in their system and told me I would be able to log in back in 15 minutes after I get a new email. So I get a new email from them with the same user and password I have on the other email was not still not able to login the tucow domain control panel.

    This keeps on going on for many days that I contact them until someone finally understand what to do. This person send me a email with a way to login tucows and put a key to allow transfer. I contact them again letting them know I need a new email with the same thing I was sent a couple of minutes ago. So now I find out my this person that I cant make the transfer becuase I have 4 days left before my domain is expired.

    So now I getting pissed about this and told him why nobody sent me this infomation in the beginning and when I called up and asked for this infomation and someone on the phone didn't know what to do. His reaction sounded like he could care less. He then goes on and tell me to renew it and then transfer it to us. I had no choice then to spend more money and renew it while I already spent money to transfer it.

    Now I email them letting them know I should be getting something that was on their fault and they made me spend more money for a situation that they cant fix. So I asked for them to give me a extra year. They email be back and agree to the extra year. I email them back letting them know that it would be 3 years then and not 2 years becuase when I made a transfer it was a free extra year for everybody as part of their promo. I get back a email and they said that I will be only 2 years and they acting like they are giving that extra year when its a promo.

    What should I do now as they made the mistake. I want something from them. How can I come up and let them know this.

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    I'd hightail it outa there, asap, and transfer your domain to a reputable registrar/reseller.
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    Sorry, what are the losing and gaining registrars again?
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