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    50 gig bandwidth in 1 day!!?

    well thats kinda strange but in hsqcomplete panel I checked and in 1 day it show about 50 gig of bandwidth used!!!

    but when i check Apache Status

    Current Time: Wednesday, 20-Dec-2006 23:14:43 CST
    Restart Time: Wednesday, 20-Dec-2006 07:47:07 CST
    Parent Server Generation: 0
    Server uptime: 15 hours 27 minutes 36 seconds
    Total accesses: 681367 - Total Traffic: 711.1 MB

    it shows only 711mb

    any help would be appreciated.

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    if you have MRTG installed, i would check bandwidth graphs, if you don't have, i suggest you to install it.

    Also, install a tool like iftop to check traffic in realtime, maybe your vps have been compromised, and someone installed a script that use traffic in some way (for example, to attack a server)

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    As elmister said, check your stats if anything strange happened, and even run a rootkit checker. You should ask your webhoster to help you.
    50 Gb's in one day could even be used for other things... some traffic can't be seen in control panels.
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    wellc ontacted host

    got this answer

    its not possible to find out the cause!!

    like this i gonna run out of bandwidth in 4 days
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    Keep in mind that the bandwidth might not be used by Apache, but by FTP, mail, some other daemon or as someone already said.. an exploit.

    Are you on a managed VPS?

    - If so, and your host can't find the cause - they should either be able to give you an explanation why they can't find it (it might make sense if they say there are no logs indicating such usage, and no traces of an exploit). If they can't get you a proper response then it's probably best to move on elsewhere.

    - If not, then I'd suggest moving to a managed VPS account.

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    I would also move, if they don't help. Some webhosters move the site for you, but if it's an exploit, that could also be transferred, depending where it is.
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    we had something like that recently...

    the code was injected, not sure what they did, the bandwidth shot up, we saw it on our router.. and shut it down quick.

    We did a rootkit check afterwards, not found anything.. but we have a fair idea where it comes from.. there is a phpNuke that is not patched up to date.. so we get the customer to patch it up, then give them a new VPS to move over and destroy the old one. You can never be sure whether they are gone for good.. but just do as much as you can and monitor.
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