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    China To Launch Root Domain Name Server

    CHINA will set up a mirror server for Chinese netizens to visit Websites whose domain names end with .com or .net, reported today.

    Instead of being served by overseas domain servers for making visits, the new server will provide a domain name system or "DNS" function of its own, which will guarantee the security for netizens visiting from China and also raise the linking speed.

    China Network Communications Group signed with US-based VeriSign Incorporation, the world's largest domain name registry services provider, to launch the Chinese mirror server of root domain name on December 14.
    If China pulls this off successfully over time, then others can follow suit.

    A potential win-win situation with lots of implications.

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    I have heard this for India as well. However, don't know the deadline or the current status. But few time back, this was the news for India too.
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