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    Got enough RAM there?

    When I'm configured computers on Dell, Apple and some other online stores, I always wonder why they make 16GB of RAM available, and how you would use that much...

    You'd have to have about 500 sessions of Cinema 4D open to even use 8GB. Can someone shed some light on the need for 16GB.


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    I don't have 16gigs of ram. But everyday i have to encode tons of sometimes every long video to DIVX or XVID. So it would make it go faster.

    I am an Intern at a computer company and my big boss has a Mac Pro with 16gb. I guess she has nothing better to spend the money on. She must save alot of money on clothes because her clothes look trash.

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    As a computer technician, I tell people that more RAM they have, the faster their systems will go. However, I always tell them that 1 gig is good enough. I have 1 gig and I can have like 40+ firefox tabs open (yes, I've gotten pretty high), Outlook, AIM, Word, and several other programs running at once.... and I also have a dual monitor system!

    Personally, 16 gigs is for servers. Honestly, not one person needs more than 2 gigs of RAM (my motherboard can support 4 gigs). Unless I upgrade (I highly doubt it), 1 gig is all my machine is going to see.
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    I know more RAM helps, but once you get past the point of 4GB, it just gets stupid, because more RAM isn't going to make it any faster if you aren't using it? Right?

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    You can think of more uses for the RAM though...heck if you have 16GB RAM you can allocate some of it to use as a ramdisk and *greatly* improve I/O for that data...

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    Still, that's not very "mainstream". Do they just have 16GB available for those that click the best options, and buy it?

    I would've thought that'd be a small market.

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    I thought windows xp went up to 4 GB and that was it???? I guess Dell is selling the 64 bit version.... even then, watch for Hardware limitations.....

    I've always thought of anything over 4 GB being for servers...

    I use 2 GB and that is a sweet spot for me... it is a little too much, but I'd rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. LOL But I do push it every now and again, when I have photoshop, virtual pc, outlook, etc, etc. open at the same time with IE and several other programs.
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    We will all need 16gb of ram to run that new vista

    /happy mac user here

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    Yeah, XP can only use a bit under 4GB I think.

    Joel:I love Mac! They say you want 2GB, but I can run it on 768MB with a little lag.

    By the way, the 16GB is only available with Mac.

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    i have 4GB RAM, its great for when I run my developer tools etc. way faster than when I had 512mb but it's still the same for gaming

    I'm looking to upgrade everything to suit to have a good set of 2GB DDR2 ram No real need for 4 if your using 2 i suppose
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    My personal computer has 2GB which works out great for me, however I may upgrade to 4 at some point because I am also a 3D Animator and rendering time uses up much of the RAM and that can be a drag! Also, I am a gamer . 2x256 nVidia GeForce 7600 GT's , YAY!
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    I have another question. When I look on Dell's website, it has 4GB available (4x1GB) and it says they're Dual Channel sticks. Does this mean you can use all 4 of your slots on your mobo, and still run dual channel?
    I always thought you could only use two.

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    Hey Guys one of my job is editing high quality movies .. my pc :

    Dual core pentuim D @ 3.40Ghz each core with 4mb cache total
    4GB DDR2 Ram
    64Bit Xp ,

    ok first of all this wasnt my own pc .. one of my friends who 'loved' his pc was moving to USA and he couldnt take the pc so i bought it for a REALLY cheap price .. when i saw this thread i went and choose a movie to rip .. ok this movies was a HIGH QUALITY movie and i was ripping it with ulead media studio ... this is what i get :

    CPU : +95%
    Ram : 1.8Gb used ( i had firefox with +20tabs open , windows media player , ULEAD !! and some small programs ) anyway i just cant use more than that !! so i think me having a 4GB ram is STUPID i wont need more than 2GB AT ALL !! now i dont know about 16GBs !?!! even its too much for a server ?!!

    P.S im selling the 2GB DDR2 Ram tomorrow in ebay !!!!!

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    Even with 4GB of DDR, the 32-bit versions of Windows are limited to 3GB for Windows itself. The remaining 1GB gets used for various low level system functions.

    I believe the 64-bit versions are limited to 6GB.

    I personally have 4GB because it's what I ordered with my new Dell.

    Core 2 Duo 2.13Ghz
    4GB DDR @ 667mhz
    250GB x 4 + 4 other HDD's for a total of about 1.6TB in storage. (6 of the 8 are in a file server)

    Not a bad setup for a home office. I constantly have 20+ firefox windows, Outlook, Zend IDE (Java based), 5-6 PuTTY instances, etc open and don't run into any problems at all.

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