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    question about DA Ip-Management

    Hi there,

    I would be really thankful if someone could help me on a prob:

    I got a server which is administered by DA and I assigned an IP to a reseller account, which already got lotsa data on it (which I donīt want to move). Now I need to create users from that reseller, but it wonīt let me, since it says I cannot assign any IP as a reseller to those user, since the only IP I have is owned by the reseller.

    Now basically what I wanna do is switch that "owned" IP to a "shared" IP. I tried doing so in the reseller interface -> ip management , "switch to shared ip", but it would say that:

    "Ip's can only be freed if there are zero users on that ip."

    So the question would be how can I switch that IP to a shared one without loosing all the data I already have under that reseller account?

    thx in advance

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    I would say contact your host as they can fix this manually through root...
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