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    Internet issues ? Every minute the internet freezes.

    For some reason, every minute, or every minute and a few seconds my internet freezes.

    Everything stops, the games I play freeze, and if I am on the webcam it stops that also.

    This happens like on the minute ...every single minute.

    What could be limiting me? Is there some sort of setting I could adjust?

    Using a linksys router on a new's wireless internet.

    edit: The computer is BRAND new, and it has the same issue with the last one. So I don't think it's the computer.

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    To me it sounds like the router is the problem go into admin and see what I think it is renew dhcp server if it is set low it may be that. If it is set to low it constantly tries to renew the dhcp settings so it will drop the connection when it does that. If it is not that the router may be going bad or your dropping the signal in your house.

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    It may be the router. WiFi can be tricky and unstable. What do you have near your computer or router. Flourescent lighting, microwaves, other electronic equipment may interfere with your WiFi. Rule out the router by plugging directly into your modem. If your problems are solved, replace or RMA the router. If not check with your ISP. Try to narrow down the services or servers you are connecting to run a continuous ping. See if you drops packets or if there's any latency. If it's DSL, it could be the phone lines. The LECs are notorious for installing high speed service on old phone lines.
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