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    Which cart to use?

    I have three choices:

    OS Commerce
    Zen Cart

    Which is the best choice?

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    I would go with either Zen Cart or osCommerce (osMax version)
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    I like ZenCart, personally. It's based off of OsCommerce, but is better.
    It's also pretty customizable.

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    oscommerce or cubecart.

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    I prefer the oscommerce as it easy to maintain and find/install the modules/contributions.
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    I have tried both and they both have positive and negative parts to them. I decided to look for a commercial cart with a good user interface and easy to use features. After looking at several I chose Avactis Shopping cart because it has all of the above and from what I hear there are more features to come.

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    The avactis demo store is relatively slow from what I am used to with my Java cart. ouch!

    The Admin is even slower. I see no way to search or filter the category or products listings in the Admin. I guess it would work ok for a few dozen products, but not hundreds or thousands of them.

    osCommerce is stale and has no updates. The loaded versions are just a bunch of crappy, buggy contributions. Zen-Cart is updated with bug fixes, security fixes and features all the time.

    I would not recommend either one of them though.

    Have you looked as CS-Cart?

    CubeCart is ok, but it was rather primitive the last time I looked at it. I think they had a 3rd party audit the code for security I read someplace... you might want to check that out because you are probably going to get better security in a commercial cart. I am not impressed with open-source PHP ecommerce projects yet.
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    Avactis shopping cart does have a category search, it's located on the top right of the "manage products" page, there is also a "sort" option which lets you sort your products. what filter are you looking for ???

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    I see it, but you have to hit a button every time to search, type, then hit another button. It should be a type and one click operation.

    You can only pick a single product to edit, so if I had 100 prices to change, that is a lot of clicking to change prices.

    This is how the Admin should be set up:

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    It's fast for sure but looks like you need to know more than the avg person knows to undestand everything. That is why I like Avactis, even if you don't know how to code and just want to open a simple online store it is very user friendly.

    I can see if you have thousands of products it might not be the right cart for you. However for most people I think it is a great cart and with new features coming soon it will even be better.

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    oscommerce is still the best... it's easy to modify, maintain and even customize the template...

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    Another noob drooling over osCommerce. You can always count on the noobs or someone selling osCommerce related code or services to say how great it is!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Festus2005
    Another noob drooling over osCommerce. You can always count on the noobs or someone selling osCommerce related code or services to say how great it is!
    Why? whats wrong with that???

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    osCommerce is a stale project, it takes a load of crappy contributions to make it usable, it is never updated with new features.

    Why would someone want to use something like that when for a price of a few lunches they can get code that is much better and has a much better administration interface?

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    If you need to add more customisations and changes ,it is fine to use Oscommerce
    IT have templates and contributions ,that can be easily downloaded and added to the pages.It is an open source which is customosable and a poweful admin section to help you keep track of the shopping and shipping details

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