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    Post Website 4 Sale with merchandise

    Domain / Web Design / Hosting (for a year) / 250 Pieces of merchandise All included.

    The Antenna Boosters are Black, they say "AS SEEN ON TV", and they have "$19.95" price right on them. I have easily been selling them 3 for $15 at Garage Sales, Flea Markets, and Swap Meets, a regular weekend brings in $100 to $200, I also hand out cards with the website on it so the name is out there, and traffic is coming in.

    You can easily make $500 a month from the site with very little advertising.... put up some flyers on some posts tell friends etc..

    Everything for $500usd I accept paypal, credit cards, money orders, and checks....

    Any questions feel free to e-mail me: << snipped >>

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