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    Compile errors because ./configure doesnt symlink things

    Hi, im having a strange problem which has started for reasons unknown.

    Basically file.c is not being symlinked to file.lo or file.lo is not being created as it should do.

    Now, ive sucessfully built apache 2.0.36 previosuly and kept the built source, but I can no longer build it due to the missing .lo files.

    I first experienced this problem when compiling apache 2.0.39, and I compared teh freebsd ports collection and it had file.c symlinked to file.lo, so I manually symlinked some of these files and it helped the build to get further until the next file which was the same error, and I managed to get it to compile almost to the end just symlinking files.

    However ive compared some of the unbuilt apache 2.0.36 with the built distro and there not all just symlinks, so for some reason someting on my server is no longer functioning and I cannot build applications correctly because either ./configure is not doing its job rite or something else isnt.

    Anybody any ideas ?

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    Ive also done a make world after a CVSUP for freebsd 4.6-STABLE so that everything is replemished, though this has not helped.

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