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    Exclamation Need help finding a new server fast (Plesk / Windows or Linux)

    I've got a Win 2003 / Plesk dedicated server with Layered Technologies that's been dead in the water since yesterday morning. I'm receiving little or no updates from the tech staff and although the sales staff has been very helpful I need to get back online ASAP. So I need a backup plan. I need to find a new server in case I don't get restored in the next several hours.

    Here's, what I've got:

    - 2ghz Celeron
    - 1 GB RAM
    - Plesk 7.6
    - 60gb internal drive (two partitions)
    - 80gb external backup
    - 10gb FTP backup.

    What I need:
    - A server that works. Performance is not a huge issue. This server currently has 50 low traffic sites and I've already lost 9 customers.
    - Plesk 7.6
    - At least 40gb of storage plus some sort of backup option.
    - Help restoring my Plesk backup.
    - Zend decoder, PHP 4 & pear.

    At this point I'd consider a VPS, dedicated or even shared hosting. The big issue is I need some assistance moving it all over. I'm scheduled to travel 1200 miles tomorrow to go back home for Christmas. So my time is limited unless I cancel my trip, hotels, rental cars, etc. So yeah, I'm in a pickle. But if someone can point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it.

    Thanks & Happy Holidays.


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    I would suggest VPS for you,
    you should try 3rd backup solutions for your sites.remote backup is good for any hosts.

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