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    Lands of Nydera, Browser Based 2D Game Script

    The scripts and database of Lands of Nydera is for sale. So what is the 'Lands of Nydera'?

    'Lands of Nydera (LoN in short) is a free multiplayer online role playing game. The game has many features and will keep entertaining you. 13 Skills, from Speed to Fire Making, Cooking to Luck. You name it, Lands of Nydera has it. Lands of Nydera has a big variety in monsters. Trolls, Spiders, Orcs even Rats! While travelling through the Lands of Nydera, you will see how big Lands of Nydera is. Many islands and dungeones. Every place you go you will see something new, that you never saw before. In this game you take the role of a character and travel, fight, mine, fish, you name it in the Lands of Nydera. As you travel, you see many new players, make very good friends and have fun. Complete quests for rewards and join the Community to make ideas for new features for the game. Want even more things for your character, you can buy Premium and you will be given acces to the Premium Islands and are allowed to buy yourself a house and get to do things that free players aren't allowed to do.'

    NOTE: This script is unique and WILL ONLY BE SOLD ONCE. By buying this script, the site that will use this is the one and only site with the scripts.

    You can view a demo at

    More information:

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    I will take the site at BIN ($524.99) provided we are given full source and full exclusive rights to the code. I sent you an e-mail to coordinate payment.

    Lenny Grover
    New Media Properties LLC

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    If sale falls through let us know.

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    Sold to New Media Properties LLC.

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