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    switch max emails/hour

    Hi, we have a server where max emails x plan is setting to 1.000

    It's ok for normal plan

    Now we have this request: 1 plan that sell to other mailing service.

    My Customer have a plan
    Any customers of he can log and send mailing.

    In this case there are more customer that use service and 1000 emails/hour is really too low.. but we wan't change setting.

    I have think that may be possible to setting virtual subdomain:
    But setting as plan so any of these can have max 1k emails/hours.. but the source code of mailing is only one and is under

    there is a solution ?


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    We have search solution but we haven't found it.

    The major problem is that all customer must have a plan but mailing script is unique (php/mysql based)

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    As far as I know, its not possible for adjusting the maximum number of SMTP mails for every domains, its a server wide setting and the rule is applicable for all the domains.

    You can use mailman instead, the max. email restriction wont affect mailman settings.

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