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    [ SEEKING ] Professional Quality Logo Designer

    Hello everybody, after all my times being hired, I believe it is about time I hired someone myself.

    The project does not start until January, so early January is when the logo would need to be made. Only posting now to catch people before they go away for vacation, and to see what a good price range is so I know the money will be available for payment.

    The logo I am looking for is for a project called WAUA, it is to ensure web applications are usable and valid. More information could be provided if interested.

    I am looking for something a bit Web++ style, with the glossy gradient style as it will be accompanied by a Web++ layout and large font. Vector formats are a +.

    Please send portfolios/recent work and contact information to:
    ryanbarr [at] gmail *dot* com
    (OR send me a private message.)

    As well, you can contact me on AIM:
    "Ryan Barr AIM"
    Be sure to include everything except the quotations.

    Thanks everybody and happy holidays!

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    I think would be helpful if you tell your price range.

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