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    Freeview Box

    Hello all,

    At the moment I've got a Durabrand box but I'm looking for a new one with a hard drive.

    Features it must have:
    • Twin Tuner - So I can record one channel and watch another.
    • EPG (electronic programme guide) - Preferrably easy to use (sky has perfect) and minimum 7 days of listings.
    • Disk Size - Min 40GB but I'd prefer 80GB +
    • Series Link - So I can set it to record the rest of the series.

    If you know of a better forum to post this then feel free to say, but I thought there's thousands of people here and I'm on here all the time so someone must know

    Thanks in advance.

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    I've got the Humax 9200t. An excellent piece of kit, although still if directly compared to Sky+ it's crap. But hey, that's just Freeview really.

    It has everything you want apart from Series Link, I'm not sure many Freeview boxes have this as there is nothing broadcast like on Sky to tell boxes when then next episode of the series is.

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    I was just going to say why wouldn't you use Sky? :p

    You could use a sat box with HDD and get free sat and later upgrade to sky.

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    Humax 9200T all the way if u just want freeview. They just released an update for the box 1.0.10 - it has everything Sky plus has except Series Link (and the EPG is slightly less pretty) I have one and with 160Gb hard drive (you can upgrade it) its superb. Check out the digitalspy forums.

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    We have a Humax, not sure which model, but highly reccomended. =)

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