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    Auto enable package on Modernbill


    I would like to enable packages automaticaly on Modernbill through the APIs before the payment is processed.

    I see that Modernbill have a option:
    "Pending override WITHOUT payment"

    That will enable packages automaticaly but will also register new domain names through Enom API.

    I would like to enable only cPanel/Plesk packages and not Register new domain name.

    I see another option:
    "Pending Renewal without payment (domain renewal):"
    I see that if I check it as "No" it will not renew domain names.

    Im wondering why Modernbill did not put another option to:
    "Pending Register without payment (domain registration):"

    Anyone know how can I complete this ? Or anybody program a module for me ? I am willing to pay for this.

    Thank you.
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