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    Sitewide & Home page links on 2 PR6 and 7 PR 5 sites - Webmaster related


    We have text links [Sitewide only] available on 7 PR5 sites.
    6 of them are unfinished sites and 1 is a finished site.
    Best suits for those who would be interested in PR increase BUT not traffic.

    Sitewide per month price is $15 for each PR5 site.

    We have 2 PR6 sites [both sitewide and home page only]. We currently have link space available on both of them.One is a established directory[5 year old] other one is a upcoming directory.

    Home page only: $8/mon
    Sitewide: $20/mon

    Min buy is for 3 months and payment by Paypal only.
    Sitewide links will be placed in the footer section on chosen sites.

    Currently there are 0 to 5 reciprocal links on all these sites and no paid links so far.

    Interested advertisers can PM us or post here requesting for the list of URL's. When you PM us, please have the subject as PR5 links so that i don't get confused by my other PR6 thread.

    Thanks & cheers

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    Do you have any banner opportunities on your sites? If so let me know.

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    Yes, we do have banner opportunities on our established web hosting portals.
    I will PM you the information in a few mins from now.

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