Great Wolf Hosting
Great Wolf Hosting is setup in such a way perfect for web sites that are mission critical and rely on steady uptime and fast page loads.

Our system is setup so that your web site is on more then one machine, one being primary and the second is a live copy of the primary in case the primary server does have trouble, the second one will take over in about 2 minutes while the other can then be repaired or restarted and your web site remains online!

The SQL system is also run from the second machine so that the first machine can focus on your web site HTTP FTP and email which are less intensive than the SQL server software, this make for much faster page loads then traditional web hosting!

24/7 Technical Support
We have 24/7/365 technical support via email with a half hour response guarantee, remember, just because you don't get a response quickly doesn't mean they are not doing anything about your problem, often they fix the problem then reply.

15% of all profit goes to help wolves!
We donate 15% of our profits from select services such as web hosting.
Domain registrations and a few other services are not included in this donation.

Unlimited Extras!
We only limit your storage space and monthly data transfer, we do NOT limit how many FTP accounts, Pop3 accounts, sub domains, add-on domains you may have.

In business over 2 1/2 years
Our company Farnham Communications & Information Technologies (Great Wolf Hosting) has been in business and steadily growing over time.

Hosting For All
With plans starting at $0.75 per month, just about anyone can afford a web hosting account! Advanced hosting starts at just $8.95 per month which has plenty of space for your business to get online!

Come check us out today and see what we can do for you or your business!

Special Offer!
Entering WHT Coupon x104 when ordering will save you 70% off first month of Advanced web hosting!
This does NOT include domain name registrations, SSL certificates or any other service other then Advanced web site hosting plans when paid monthly. Does NOT include Basic web hosting plans.

Check us out today!

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