We are building a new web hosting directory on the internet. The name of this website is www.WebHostingUsers.com.

For a limited time, we are offering web hosting companies $250 worth of free online advertising. This means 10,000 banner ad impressions (or other advertising) for free. This is a way for you to get more sales leads at no cost.

There are 4 simple steps to take advantage of this offer.

1. Sign our standard advertising agreement (we have to ensure that you won't resell this advertising we are offering for free).
2. Add or update your company and hosting plan information
3. We will credit your account with $250.
4. Use our online advertising portal to upload your banners, and/or setup you showcase or featured listings. Please note that our banners can be targeted to specific categories like shared or dedicated hosting (this provides more value by not wasting impressions in categories that donít make sense).

We are available to help you throughout this process, just give us a call.

Also, you get to take advantage of our marketing budget. We are driving customers to the site through Search Engine Marketing with Google and Yahoo. We are also using banner ads and newsletter sponsorships on major websites.

You can also add press releases, tutorials and articles. You can also Link to Us and improve your default listing position.

If you are interested, please hurry and call 214-385-7800 and ask for Tina. This is only available for a limited time, so call now!