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    Modded Proxy Script - Developed - - ~1 year old proxy.

    Hello NP'ers,

    I am in need of money for my servers so I am forced to sell my proxy site. Block My Information is based on PHProxy by whitefyre. The server hosting BMI has been down and up for more than 2-3 days because of it being compromised. So you can see the traffic drop for the 2 days.


    Although it is based on the script, it is modified to do more.. For example, surfing a PHP site, out of the box PHProxy will not display the url form and hence revenue being lost.

    Example of Namepros with BMI:

    Example of out of the box viewing Namepros (3rd party site):

    Notice the bar at the top.

    2nd thing about this script that even if the users check not to display the URL form, ads will still continue to be shown without the url form unlike others.


    Notice the popup.

    3rd thing special about this script is that at the very bottom of the proxied site, it will say: This site has been successfully proxied by Block My Information.

    Enough about the script....


    $50-70/mo. from Adversal Popups -
    $20/mo. from Adbrite
    $10/mo. from Bidvertiser - No channel
    $15/mo. from Google Adsense in a week

    Since I lost my Google Adsense account for 2 months at least due and I got it back after talking to Google about it. BMI was earning ~$100/mo.


    Since this is a DA server, I only have Webalizer installed.


    Domain is a creative name that uses the extension as a word.

    Google PageRank for is: 4 / 10

    Alexa Ranking for is: 180,995 (Top rank is 1)


    Google 19
    MSN 145
    Yahoo 143
    Total Backlinks 307


    Looking for $500 upwards.

    I earn 80 at least from this site a month.

    80X12= $960

    This is also posted at Namepros.

    Looking for quick sale.

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    Stats don't seem to be working. Perhaps b/c of a high server load as the site appears to be unreachable too.

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    It works for me.

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    Yes it appears to be working now. Thanks.

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