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    Where to find informations on how to configure a dedicated server ?


    I'm very interested to get a dedicated server to host other people, but I have many things to know/learn before I can start.

    Where could I find all the information to know before starting about the configuration of the server ?
    For example, how to configure PHP, MySQL and so on.

    Nobody here never wrote a "how-to" book about configuring a dedicated server :-) ?

    As many beginners come here, it would be more than useful for many of us.

    If you have some addresses, documentations... don't hesitate.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Well.. All depending on how much experience you have in a *nix enviroment.

    I think your best bet would be to spend $100 and just buy a old 200Mhz junk computer. Through a version of Linux on it, put it on a LAN and get hacking...

    Jumping in feet first sometimes is the best way to learn... Simple as that..

    This allows you to screw up as many times as you want and not have a big problem on your hand.... Having a dedicated server is a big responsibility. Your responsible for it.

    Best to learn on something little before stepping into something big.
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    Remember in life, you are always logged in as root.
    Nice! Let me add to that....

    and its your only system without any restore capability.

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    also get a book or print out a lot of HowTo's from web. This will assist you a lot!

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