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    Thumbs up GoDaddy changes Registrant transfer policy

    In a email I received today from GoDaddy!

    1. Effective June 21, 2002, transferring domain name ownership is FREE.

    Prior to this, transferring ownership cost $9.95, and required that certain paper documents be signed and notarized. Due to many requests by our customers, we have changed this process entirely. The new process is now free. It's much more convenient, yet still very secure.

    We no longer require you to sign paper contracts. To effect a change of ownership, just log into "Manage My Domains" and change the appropriate information regarding the domain name (usually the Registrant and Admin info). That's all there is to it!

    To assure your security and to prevent your becoming a victim of mischief, we do two things when you request a change of ownership. First, we immediately send an email to the owner of the domain name before the actual transfer of ownership, alerting him or her that the transfer been made within our system. Second, we "lock down" that domain name in our system for 60 days. During this time, the domain may not be transferred away from Go Daddy to another registrar. This allows the prior owner of the domain to alert us if it should not be transferred, and we will reverse the transfer if we're so alerted.

    This new policy makes it very important that you make sure your current email address is on file with us, and that you check your email periodically.
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    It would be nice; if it actually worked.
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    Missed out on my business long ago with this policy even though I have yet to transfer any names. Still not gonna "go daddy". They get enough money as it is. I'll support other people and save money at the same time.

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    There's already a thread on this one - four threads away from yours...

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