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    CMS/Directory Software with these features

    I am a web developer who needs these features in a web directory/portal script for a college community website… does anyone know of a software script that can do all of this? Please advise… Budget under $400.00 for the software

    1.1.1 Registration
    Have the users register giving some demographic information such as address or at least zip code, birthday, gender and email address.
    1.1.2 Events Calendar
    A calendar of events happening around town and at the bars. This calendar can be edited by the administrators of the site using simple web based forms.
    1.1.3 Restaurant Directory
    All restaurant information will be populated by the site administrator using a simple add/search/update interface on the web. The administrator will be able to add restaurant categories at anytime. Menus are attached as PDFs or scanned images.
    1.1.4 Bar Directory
    The bar directory will function similarly to the restaurant directory but it will have its own categories.

    1.1.5 Apartment Directory
    The apartment directory will allow users to search for apartment or houses for lease. They will search using many different criteria including rent, bedrooms, bathrooms and location.
    The apartment directory should include a map based search so incoming students who don’t know the city can easily see where the apartments are in relation to campus.
    1.1.6 Services Directory
    Anything you might need for your apartment or house, basically this is the subdirectory under the apartment’s directory referenced in the Content Overview. The administrator will be able to add an unlimited number of categories and businesses under this section.
    1.1.7 Employment Directory
    An area where employers can post ads for student friendly employment and internship positions. Categorize positions into paying positions and internships for credits. The ability for employers to add their own listings is quoted in the Client Content Management Section.
    1.1.8 Site Search
    Cross directory search that allows users to search for anything in the system.
    1.2 Back End
    The entire back end system will consist of simple web based forms to add new businesses, categories and directories.
    1.2.1 Ad Management
    Ad management allows the administrators to upload new ads and set their rotation schedule. It also lets you specify the billing type and rate. For example if some one is paying per click you can enter the per click price and the system will track the amount of money they are spending.

    An alternative to building an ad management program is to just sell one ad per slot and don’t rotate them. You can also charge a flat monthly rate for featured links.

    Using either option billing would not be done through this system. The ad management system would generate a report showing the spending of each advertiser but this information would need to be entered into QuickBooks or another accounting system for billing.
    1.2.2 Client Content Management System
    Allow apartment complexes to submit for lease information online and employers to add employment listings.
    1.2.3 Ad/Link Reporting
    A reporting system for impressions and clicks on paid links and ads. This system will automatically send monthly emails to the clients showing their impressions and click throughs.

    The reporting system can also track what individual registered users are looking at to provide statistics by user’s demographics.
    1.2.4 Traffic Reporting
    This tracks the total number of page views on the site. It gives you an idea of what people are looking at, what sections are most popular, etc.

    This software should be able to be integrated with merchant account

    The software should have various permissions available, to allow access to real estate listings, for example only to authorized users, and job listings, etc

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    As a web developer I thought you should know there is no one script that will do all of the above.

    Take a visit to and you will find enough mods there to create what you want.

    When you have put it together, let me know and I will contribute some money for a copy to help defray some of your costs.


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    Yes that is a very tall order for an all in one script. You can do most of it easily with a combination of scripts.

    As lynette said, Joomla might get most if it done with many extensions. You might want to check out LinkUp Gold from - the demo doesn't do it justice but it can handle all your directory/article listings, ads, user accounts and search with it. the stats are directory wide so wouldn't reflect user demographics.

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