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    Simple Camtasia Job - *HOW TO VIDEO*


    Work Required
    I need someone that can make a simple how-to video with Camtasia that shows how to use a online application. The application is very simple to use, so it should be pretty easy to make the video. ( Camtasia: It is for recording the screen and your voice at the same time. )

    - Someone that can use Camtasia and mic
    - Someone with great english and a clear voice

    Basic Video:
    - You go thought he control panel and explain what you are doing each step. So it shows how easy it is to use the application, and helps them understand the features better.
    - The first video should be just 1-2mins long showing the basics of the script.

    Offer & Budget
    - My budget for this short video is up to $100
    - I have 20+ videos I will need to be done after this one

    Apply & Major Factors
    - Send me a PM with your contact details.
    - I prefer: people who use instant messenger ( MSN, AIM, YIM, SKYPE, )
    - I prefer: someone that can show me a sample video with their voice.
    - I prefer: someone who can offer high quality
    - I prefer: looking for long term work

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    Pm sent,

    Thank you!
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    To Apply
    I will need to see a short demo of anything. Just a short video/audio of you explaining how to do something.
    - How to login to hotmail
    - How to post a mesage on a the WHT forum
    - How to search google

    Anything is fine, just so I can see your style, voice, and video preview. Just send me PM with link of where I can see the video. Also don't forget to give a price quote in your PM.
    Adrian K. - Turnkey PHP Scripts with PayPal IPN

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