CONTACT: David Bain 877-748-2638 ext. 306 offers hosting-optimized servers with free H-Sphere software

Jun 25, 2002 – SmartFunction, LLC, the provider of high-availability data center services, has launched a new product offering for virtual hosting providers. Hosting companies may now lease from SmartFunction servers that have been specially optimized for hosting and pre-installed with the H-Sphere web hosting management system. Each server will include 50 free H-Sphere licenses with additional licenses available for purchase at discounted rates. All servers are IBM xSeries 330 PIII 1.26Ghz, with hot-swappable SCSI hard drives, multi-tier bandwidth, and remote APC port. offers availability monitoring, a private, non-metered network between servers, and automated backup with this offer.

SmartFunction will optimally distribute and pre-install H-Sphere and essential hosting components across the servers, so that hosting services providers may immediately sign up new customers or migrate existing customers.

H-Sphere software by Positive Software Corporation provides complete multi-server, cross platform web hosting automation and customer self care. By combining integrated billing system, powerful end user control panel and trouble ticket system in one package, H-Sphere considerable reduces the support time and increases customer’s satisfaction.

“We have the recipe for an affordable, yet reliably high performance turn-key solution for hosting providers. It includes optimally pre-configured top of the line hardware, the best bandwidth available, a rock-solid SLA, no sneaky hidden charges, and free licenses for the best hosting management system, H-Sphere,” said SmartFunction Chairman David Bain.