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    Pages Stalling

    I'm streaming short videos (usually under 10mb each) on a dedicated server to maybe about 15-75 people at any given time. Although the videos themselves seem to be streaming okay with a 10mbps port, sometimes you'll click on a link and the page won't completely load. If you refresh, it'll work fine. It's an entry-level configuration and I guess it's time to upgrade, but what should I upgrade to fix the page load problem, and slow page loading in general? It's an AMD XP 2400, 512mb RAM, 10mbps port.

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    What do your traffic graphs look like - are you maxing out your 10mbps port?
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    Hey Zac, thanks for the reply. Attached are the graphs for this month so far and last month.

    It looks like it's barely hit the maximum a few times this month, but compare it to last month's graph, which hit the max only once, and I still had the problem back then. What do you make of these?
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    Are you graphing packet loss to your box?
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    I guess not -- these are just the graphs available from Layered Tech.

    Could insufficient RAM be a likely cause?

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    For what it's worth, unless you're seeing slow responce times RAM is probably not the culprit. 1/2 gig does seem small, and upgrading it would not hurt you, but I do not believe it would solve your problem.
    If this is a Linux server:
    vmstat 5 >> /tmp/vmstat.out would store up lots of RAM stats. It would snapshot every five seconds.

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    Well yeah, slow response times seems to basically be the problem; the pages start to load, and when they stop, I'm still seeing a progress bar like it just hasn't finished yet, the way it does on any other site...except then it doesn't finish at all.

    In the Server Status section on Cpanel, can I find anything insightful on this? Memory Usage seems to be at about 50% for every day, CPU Usage is about 20%, 15-30 for MySql. It's also highlighted in red, is it supposed to be? (lol)

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    yeh like other have said i could only really imagine high load averages or memory causing this. may i suggest you try Cherokee Web Server and see if that makes a difference.

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