BLCC is now offering the unique opportunity to take advantage of DDoS protected reseller accounts.

Our DDoS mitigation works. It's not a flimsy account addon promising false results, it's a proven mitigation system that will stop 99% of DDoS without failure. It works by verifying the legitimacy of HTTP requests by stateful inspection and, upon customer request, requiring the customer to manually enter a turing number before fowarding the request to the server for the ultimate in protection.

This service is sold by our competitors for $500 - 8000 per month, per site. We sell it for a mere $189 per month.

Now you can become a reseller of this service at only $549 per month for 10 sites. This is a profit margin of 344% ($1341 per month for selling all 10 sites).

Our package offers the following:

# DDoS protected reseller hosting plan on FreeBSD/Cpanel with Zend Optimizer. Protection up to 100,000 packets per second.
# Stateful HTTP DDoS protection at the network router level, the best available without a dedicated server!
# 50GB disk storage for your site
# 1000GB of monthly data transfer
# Unlimited MySQL databases and other addons
# Host up to 10 domains each with dedicated IP addresses plus two additional IP's for your nameservers
# Add additional domains for just $100.00 per month, each.

$549.00 per month.

To order, go to . If you have any questions please feel free to direct them to me personally!