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    * --=<::{{X'mas Clearance SALE!!!}}::>=--

    Registered with Enom.
    PayPal accepted.
    Sedo's escrow welcomed.
    Buyer pay escrow fees.
    Buyout: USD$120
    Futsal (indoor football/soccer) started out from south america.
    Now is very popular in US and Europe, there's even a futsal world cup orgainzed by FIFA.


    Buyout: USD$250 (both domains)
    .TV is one of the most popular country code domains.
    where NIC means network information center aka registry. is blocked and restricted by the .TV registry.
    Now selling these premiums with .com & .net extension.

    Ideal to use for domain reselling, especially promoting .TV

    Buyout: USD$500
    Domain registered since 21 April 1997 (Will be 10 years old with 5 more months to go)
    Collector's Item, especially for domain owners interested in collecting domains registered in the 90's.
    Deal thru Sedo's escrow only to protect both parties.

    Post "SOLD" to claim.
    Merry Christmas!!!

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    Offer ends on Boxing Day.


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